The Department of the Navy has awarded three contracts to support all Wireless Voice and Data requirements across the Department within the United States. Use of these contracts is mandated per DoN policy.

Guidance in submission of Cell Phone Requirements:
1. Prepare a list of required devices for cell phones, black berries, and data cards to attach with your Purchase Request

2. Send your Activities Device List to the MCIWEST Contracting Office for Blue Team to Request Wireless Services

3. The MCIWEST Contracting Office shall notify your Activity with the award winning quote for their wireless services

4. Use the quoted amount supplied by MCIWEST Contracts with number of devices to request a C4 Waiver (IT), ADM and approval from your G6.

5. Identify POC and mailing address of individual certifying and accepting for payment electronically using Wide Area Work Flow.

6. Prepare a Purchase Request with funding containing your service plan off the FISC Contract for your Provider. (Minutes, Number of phones x cost x 12 months)

7. Submit your Activities Purchase Request with funding in PR Builder to the MCIWEST Contracting Office

8. If you are going to keep the same phone numbers and desire to transfer those numbers attach your phone number, device type, and billet description of holder to your initial request.

9. Please refer questions to the MCIWEST Contracting Office at (760) 725-3210.

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