Many items require additional authorization before being submitted to Contracting for purchase.  Below is a partial list of those items, what approval is required, the source of that approval and the pertinent references.

A computer or an item which touches a computer or if it radiates on some frequency e.g. radio's, GPS units, PDA's, cell phones.  MCB sections are required to obtain an ADM for all items for which MCB will have to do maintenance.

Waiver:  Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) are for MCIWEST units requesting IT resources.

Source:  I MEF G-6 (Mr. David L. Barnhart 760-725-9177), Information Technology Waiver Coordinator.

Reference:  MARADMIN 375/11

IT items which can or potentially can access the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (garrison internet and/or email system).  These items now fall under the purview of the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet.

Waiver:  C4I Waiver

Source:  HQMC C4, via your S-6/G-6 chain

Reference:  CMC msg 040400Z Jan 01 and CMC msg 231130Z Jan 01

* Note that items which require a C4I Waiver also require the ADM.

MARADMIN 056/14:  Copier Printer FAX Scanner Multifunction

Applies to copier machines which print at speeds of 71 copies per minute or greater.

Waiver:  Yes

Source:  Local Defense Automated Printing Service (DAPS) office

References:  MCO P10150.1; BO P4400.5F; BO P11014.1J

Includes but is not limited to furniture, furnishings, and office equipment used in administrative office spaces and barracks.

Waiver:  Yes

Source:  Base Property (New carpet installation requires a waiver from MCB Installations and Environment (I&E)

References:  MCO P10150.1; BO P4400.5F; BO P11014.1J


Rent, lease or purchase a vehicle.

Waiver:  Yes

Source:  Base Motor Transport

Reference:  MCO P11240.106
                 CMC 011236Z Aug 12

Cable Television

Applies to cable in office spaces and barracks.  Does not apply to Base Housing.

Waiver:  Yes

Source:  Unit S-6, Comptroller.  (Free Cable drops go to S-6 and Base Contracting)

Equipment that is designed or modified to be used exclusively for training purposes such as rubber rifles, weapons mock-ups, mine kits and IED kits.

Waiver:  Yes

Source:  MCB T&O (CVIC)

Reference: MCBUL 5290 (MARADMIN 393/05)

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