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Marine Corps Installations West
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As Marines we value our relationships with the local community, and as a result continue to be considerate and responsible neighbors. We assist in disaster response, support local charities, volunteer in community organizations, provide habitat refuge for endangered species, and continuously seek new ways to be the best stewards of our environment. The Marines, Sailors and civilians aboard our installations are involved with community partners who work diligently to ensure that whenever possible our presence benefits our surrounding communities.

In this time of economic challenges, many “single industry” communities are particularly hard hit, and community leaders and citizens are apprehensive about their economic futures. Many communities in our region are heavily dependent upon Marine Corps installations to contribute to their economies. We believe it is important for MCIWEST to share what we know about our economic impact with our community leaders and neighbors.

Military installations provide a steady population of productive citizens with disposable income, and draw significant federal funding that can mitigate fluctuations in the regional economy.  Clearly, this is what we’re seeing in many of the communities that adjoin our installations – although they are not free of adverse economic conditions, they can count on a military community always in need of local goods and services.

A total of $7.0 billion in construction expenditures will be infused into local economies in our region between 2009 and 2014. 

The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that each $1 million in defense spending supports 12.1 additional jobs through direct employment or its ripple effect throughout the region.Contracts for construction are predominantly awarded to local construction firms with goals established for small businesses.  Local firms in turn rely on local skilled labor, and locally procured materials. Many of the approved constructions projects will include facilities which utilize cutting edge energy efficiency, water conservation, and reclamation technologies.

MCIWEST approved military construction for FY13

MCAS Camp Pendleton                               $4,140,000
MCB Camp Pendleton                                 $83,970,000
MCAS Miramar                                               $27,900,000
MCAS Yuma                                                   $29,290,000
MCAGCC Twenty Palms                              $42,270,000
MCRD San Diego                                         $11,750,000

**Although not an MCIWEST installations, data for the Recruit Depot at San Diego and MCAGCC Twentynine Palms is included to illustrate overall impactWe know that at times we can be noisy neighbors, with periodic weapons and aviation training.  However, to these ‘sounds of freedom’ we have begun the bustling sounds of construction and greater economic prosperity. We are particularly pleased to see the disproportionate benefit the citizens of San Diego County, who stood with us and voted for the extension of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, are currently receiving. This is but one of the tangible means by which we attempt to recognize and repay our neighbors for their support of our military presence within our local communities.

We contract extensively for products and services that are more economically and efficiently provided by commercial enterprises. In fiscal year 2011, a total of 298 million was spent for general supplies, services, and food service support.  A total of 234 million was spent on service contracts for renovation, repair and maintenance of existing facilities, demolition of substandard properties, amenities infrastructure expansion and energy efficiency, renewable energy resources and energy independence projects.

In addition to the employees of contract services, our installations employ a wide variety of civilians.  From Marine Corps Community Services employees operating our fitness centers and managing family programs, to civilian law enforcement officers and professionals in fields such as accounting, engineering, community planning, and human resources, our installations employ about 7,200 civilians. Our civilian employees free Marines and Sailors to focus on training for their wartime mission and provide a broad range of necessary expertise.

Major events, such as the world-famous Miramar Air Show and Yuma Air Show have a significant impact on the local economy enhancing the “tourist destination” profile of the region.  In addition, many families plan their vacations to the area around their Marine’s graduation from recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego or attending a retirement ceremony aboard our installations retirement ceremony aboard our installations.

The Marines, Sailors and civilian employees of MCIWEST are accountable to a high standard of fiscal performance and competency as well as accountability to the taxpayers.  Every dollar we spend is the result of the hard work of American families and we appreciate the public trust in our stewardship. The outpouring of generosity from local communities to support our Marines and their families in the current and previous conflicts is humbling—and greatly appreciated by all uniformed service members. 

Marine Corps Installations West