Marine Corps Installations West
Regional Contracting Office

To provide efficient and effective contracting support for supplies and services to the operating forces and tenant activities of Marine Corps Installations West while simultaneously training and developing a professional acquisition workforce and a worldwide deployable contingency contracting force.


Our vision is to support our dynamic customer base by enhancing and developing the contracting workforce so they can effectively turn requirements into capabilities through good business decisions while simultaneously creating strategic partnerships with assisting agencies.


We will conduct all business in a manner that is above reproach, with complete impartiality and with no preferential treatment, except as authorized by statute.

We will maintain impeccable standards of conduct. Integrity in all aspects of our business actions is paramount.

We will make all acquisition decisions, in compliance with statute and regulation, to not only achieve mission accomplishment but also to maintain the public trust.

We will promote positive leadership and instill the highest moral and ethical values.

We will encourage teamwork and open and honest communication.

We will empower people to take the initiative by assigning authority and responsibility to the lowest possible level.

We will be responsive to our customers’ needs and strive to meet their expectations.

We will work diligently and conscientiously to support our Marines.

Marine Corps Installations West