The Department of Defense (DoD), being the largest government user of energy, has stressed the importance of mitigating the risk caused by dependence on non-renewable resources by moving towards energy independence as a part of overall energy security across the entire DoD.

Keeping this in mind, Marine Corps Installations West (MCIWEST) officials would like to remind everyone to play their part in the pursuit of energy independence and resilience.

Marines are taught to be resourceful and efficient as speed and mobility are important in a rapidly changing combat environment. In garrison, being resource-conscious and eliminating waste is just as important as it leads directly to energy savings. Simple actions such as turning off computers (or putting them to sleep, depending on your command’s Information Technology (IT) policy) when not in use, turning lights off in unoccupied facilities, and opening windows instead of using air conditioning all can reduce energy consumption.

In garrison, Marines are encouraged to take steps to reduce their energy consumption by doing things such as:

• Using fans instead of air-conditioners to maintain a comfortable temperature.
• Using blinds to manage the amount of light/heat in a living or workspace.
• Shortening showers by cutting just two minutes per shower can add up to significant savings in energy and water.
• Thermostat discipline is important in both working and living areas. The recommended thermostat setting during warm months is 78 degrees Fahrenheit and the recommend thermostat setting during cold months is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Per Marine Corps Order 5090.2 – V17 (Integrated Solid Waste Management) , all Marine Corps installations shall establish an installation recycling program, where cost-effective, for the following purposes:

A. To protect the environment and prevent the depletion of valuable natural resources.
B. To comply with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.
C. To reduce the volume of waste disposed in landfills.
D. To reuse readily available resources.
E. To avoid excessive costs for the disposal of solid waste by other means.
F. To obtain proceeds from the sale of recyclable material.

For more information about energy conservation, please call the MCIWEST Energy Office at (760) 725-0566.


Marine Corps Installations West