Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM) relies on energy and water resources to sustain the mission at its installations and has developed a Marine Corps Installation Energy Strategy with the following five Lines of Operation (LOO):

• Promoting an energy ethos throughout the Marine Corps
• Pursuing energy information systems that enhance management’s decision making
• Developing and implementing energy efficiency projects
• Installing renewable energy systems and using alternative fuel where feasible
• Achieving energy security at all MCIWEST installations

MCIWEST is fully involved in all five LOOs and will especially focus on achieving energy security across the region. Energy security is an element of warfighting in that the efficient use of energy combined with energy production will result in energy resilience aboard all MCIWEST bases and stations allowing a continuity of operations in support of the Marine Corps’ national defense mission during any period of disruption or degradation of power from the external grid.


Marine Corps Installations West